Results of the 2018 Online Learning Success Survey


Where do you share posts?

Thank you to all those who responded to the survey via SurveyMonkey during January. The lucky winner of the set of four handmade bookmarks is Erik from the USA. They are on their way to you, Erik.

Question 1

The most requested answer to “What would you like to see on Online Learning Success during 2018?” was reviews of courses, so I plan to include more of these during the year. If any readers would like to submit a course review for publication, please let me know at patbowdenauthor(at)gmail(dot)com [Substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot)].

Previous course reviews can be found by clicking the Reviews category.

Coursera also has brief reviews on its course pages and yet more reviews can be found on Class Central’s course pages. Class Central also has in-depth reviews (some written by me) in its Reviews category.

Other popular requests were Study Skills and Stories about Learners, so look out for more posts on these topics. I hope you found last week’s post Learn Faster by Training Your Brain to Focus useful. An upcoming post will feature a learner who has done on-campus and online university courses as well as a MOOC.

Questions 2 & 3

The questions about recommending and sharing Online Learning Success with your friends and through social media were designed to give me information about where and how you, the readers, have shared my posts. Also to remind you that I’m delighted when you tell your friends (both personally and online) to increase awareness and readership of Online Learning Success. The most popular sharing options were Facebook and email. I didn’t mention “personal recommendation” as an option in this question, but feel free to tell all your friends about!

Questions 4 & 5

The answers about what you like most and least about Online Learning Success were generally very positive and encouraging. Linking in with Question 1 (what readers want), course reviews and study tips were popular answers. One respondent didn’t want obvious or vague advice, so I’m planning to focus on well-researched information for online learners. I laughed when I read “Surveys” as one respondent’s least favourite part of Online Learning Success.

Question 6

In Suggestions for Improvement, again, I was encouraged by the generally positive responses. As a writer, it’s a delight to read comments such as “Keep on doing what you’re doing” and “No” or “None” suggestions for Improvement. There were also some useful suggestions from readers; thank you.

I have already featured my preferred online courses, as asked by one respondent. Of course, this is only my opinion! Over at Class Central you can find the Top 50 Free Online Courses of all Time as rated by participants from around the world.

Questions 7 & 8

Thank you to those who supplied their name and email and went into the bookmarks draw. Thank you particularly to those who remained anonymous and gave their thoughts freely. All feedback was gratefully received and will hopefully make the site even better.

A Final Thought

Although the survey is now closed, I always welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement. Please use the contact form or email me: patbowdenauthor(at)gmail(dot)com

By Pat Bowden, published February 13, 2018.


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